Five Evening Dresses That Can Double Your Store Sales

August 19, 2020 3 min read

Five Evening Dresses That Can Double Your Store Sales

Today people, especially the women folks, are becoming increasingly conscious about their dressing sense. They are sure of what they exactly want and since they are becoming independent they are confident about their style as well. This has brought about immense development in the fashion world.

Numerous designers are entering this field, thereby making the fashion world a highly competitive one. The dress shops have been flourishing lately but have to be innovative in their approach in order to survive and stay afloat.

Let’s take our example at #everpretty. We have been in the fashion business for the past fifteen years now. With our vast knowledge of the industry and our multi-talented personnel we have grown our business at a steady pace. Seeing the grim face of the economy today, we decided to share our success mantra with you.

Here are our top five bestselling evening dresses and gowns that are in line with the current trend and are extremely popular with our clientele.

An Off-Shoulder Dress

If a lady is in search of a perfect outfit for an evening at the restaurant, to attend a gala or to see a show, an off-shoulder dress is definitely going to make her feel and look special! The dress makes a lady look fabulously feminine. No wonder it comes first on our bestselling list.

A Floor Length Gown

What screams elegance more than a floor length gown? Every girl loves the princess-like appeal that a floor length gown imparts. The gown could have its own unique style with a plunging neckline or tulle. A soft pastel fabric will give it a twist that will make your client stand out of the crowd. You could experiment with ruffles on the sleeves or frills as well.

Grace with Lace

You will agree with me that there is nothing more graceful than a dress made out of a lace fabric. The fabric is super versatile and can be worn formally as well as for casual occasions. Get ready to showcase a bit risqué yet uber glam look with a vivacious lacy number. You could have lace on the bust and sleeves and combine it with other fabrics for the skirt for a chic ethereal gown.

Glamorous Sequin Dresses

Sequin adds remarkable detail on a dress thereby making it beautifully delicate, yet stunning and elaborate. The magic of sequin depicts an understated style combined with extreme elegance. This lets the incandescent fabric catch the eye like none other and adds that instant glamor to the wearer. Girls love to reach out for this dress, so be sure to have some to complete your collection.

Plunging Neckline Dress

The deep V neckline is an exceptionally modernized stance to a normal plunge that adds brilliant charm to the wearer. It swept up onto the innovative and glamorous fashion scene and has since then been ruling the red carpet. You could have this style in your collection to take the assemblage of your store a notch up. It is a show-stopper all by itself.

Why Are These Five Products Of Ours So Popular With The Customers?

Quality Assurance

We at Ever-Pretty provide top quality, classy dresses. Our loyal customers are proof that our quality is beyond compare. No wonder that with our kind of passion for the craft, combined with years of experience our sales have been escalating day by day.

Universal Charm

Our dresses are not restricted to one body type. We have a wide range of sizes right from skinny to plus size evening gowns. Our designs are also thoughtfully selected to favor every body type. We understand our customers thoroughly and hence, our designs are varied as per our customers’ comfort and size.

We Take our Customers Seriously

Any word of appreciation or feedback mentioned by our esteemed clientele is taken into account with complete attention. We strive to continually optimize the details of the product itself with creativity and fantasy thereby leading to some fabulous designs. 

Focus On What Is Trending

We constantly add new colors and endeavor to incorporate the latest trends of the fashion scene into our collection. Like it is said, that change is the only thing that is persistent. In the same manner we too keep evolving with the changing times and styles.

On an ending note, we would like to suggest that, simply focus on incorporating these top five designs of evening dresses and gowns into your collection. You as dress shop owners can guide your customers to purchasing dresses from these five categories which will never go wrong.

It is the captivating magnificence of these evening dresses manufacturers that is lighting up the fashion world today. Since these are the most sought-after designs, your customers are bound to take a pick from these dresses and you will make that much awaited sale!

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