About us

Ever Pretty Garment Inc. has 12 years of experience in the fashion industry, serving thousands of customers across the globe. We offer the personalized service of customizing dress lines for clients to create a unique shopping experience.

Our mission at Ever Pretty Garment Inc. is to provide dresses for the ladies apparel market in conjunction with supporting world trade and contributing to global commerce on a small, yet significant level.

The Ever Pretty design team creates a large selection of high quality, trendy dresses at competitive prices. Our CEO, Anna Shi, created the company with the goal of enhancing women’s dress fashion on a global scale, by producing superior women’s dresses with exquisite design.

We own and control all aspects of the business, from manufacturing to design to quality control to sales, allowing us to ensure that all products are of highest quality.

Our customer service team is passionate about finding the perfect dress styles for your store, in addition to making sure you receive your orders in a timely manner. We approach our partnerships in a positive manner, enabling productive communication and sales.

Guided by our motto, make you pretty forever, our company strives every day to perfect all facets of our service, so that our customers may be fashionable for many years to come.

Ever-Pretty Garment Inc Attended Fashion Show and demonstrated company image, culture and development potential.


What Makes Us Better?
1. We’ve Got Skills: We’ve been in the fashion and trading industry awhile—we’ve got you covered.

2. Quality Online Service: We are an experienced international online merchant. We do our best to make your online shopping experience easy and successful.

3. Speedy Shipping: Since we’ve been doing this awhile, we're able to offer worldwide fast shipping. We ship your order one business day after receiving your payment.

4. Retail and Wholesale: We offer the best of both worlds. Our retail prices are competitive and affordable. Details please visit: http://www.ever-pretty.com/. Looking for wholesale? We offer the convenience of drop shipping (transferring orders and shipment details to the manufacturer or a wholesaler, who ships the goods to your customers), low MOQ for wholesale, and we let you mix and match your order.

5. Complete Size Range: All our dresses are available from size 6 to 20, and there is no additional charge for larger sizes.

6. Easy Return Policy: Is our dress one size too big? Or just not what you were expecting? No problem. We offer returns on all dresses. Just drop it in the mail and we’ll refund you the full price.

For general questions, questions about existing order issues, dress details or to place an order, click live chat or email e4wholesale@ever-pretty.com. We will reply to your email within 24 hours. Live chat is available Monday to Saturday.



Call us at 1-855-377-3889, if you are US Customers.
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