About us

Ever Pretty Garment Inc. has 12 years of experience in the fashion industry, serving thousands of customers across the globe. We offer the personalized service of customizing dress lines for clients to create a unique shopping experience.

Our mission at Ever Pretty Garment Inc. is to provide dresses for the ladies apparel market in conjunction with supporting world trade and contributing to global commerce on a small, yet significant level.

The Ever Pretty design team creates a large selection of high quality, trendy dresses at competitive prices. Our CEO, Anna Shi, created the company with the goal of enhancing women’s dress fashion on a global scale, by producing superior women’s dresses with exquisite design.

We own and control all aspects of the business, from manufacturing to design to quality control to sales, allowing us to ensure that all products are of highest quality.

Our customer service team is passionate about finding the perfect dress styles for your store, in addition to making sure you receive your orders in a timely manner. We approach our partnerships in a positive manner, enabling productive communication and sales.

Guided by our motto, make you pretty forever, our company strives every day to perfect all facets of our service, so that our customers may be fashionable for many years to come.

Ever-Pretty Garment Inc Attended Fashion Show and demonstrated company image, culture and development potential.


Why Choose Us?
1. We Carry a Wide Selection of Dresses: In order to offer you the latest trends, E4wholesale.com design and marketing departments develop new dresses and current products regularly.
2. Reasonable Price: E4wholesale.com has its own manufacturing base, which enables us to ensure all customers will receive dresses with the best quality control at fantastic pricing.
3. Prompt Shipping: We have well-equipped warehouses China and United Status with our experienced staff, allows E4wholesale.com to ensure your order is delivered in a timely manner.
4. Easy Shopping Process: Simply view our website at E4wholesale.com, register to be approved as a wholesale Buyer/Store.
5. Friendly Customer Service: If you have any questions or concerns please chat or email our experienced customer service team, who will be ready to communicate and assist you.

E4wholesale is Ever-Pretty Wholesale website,servce global customers.

Our CN Office Address:
No. 1313 Renzhou Avenue, Shatian Town, Dongguan, Guangdong

Our US Office Address:
1881 Kettering Irvine, CA 92614 USA

Email: e4wholesale@ever-pretty.com



Call us at 1-855-377-3889, if you are US Customers.
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