Shop New Arrivals To Celebrate President's Day

March 17, 2020 4 min read

Shop New Arrivals To Celebrate President's Day

With President's Day just around the corner, finding the perfect dress in time for the Spring season might seem like a tall ask, but you needn't fret!  With a wide selection of prom dresses and evening gowns all readily available from online wholesalers, you've got everything you need to step your dress game up right at your fingertips.  Pick the dress you want in your perfect color and accessorize it for a look you'll want to slip into again and again.  Here are a few suggestions for some pieces of trendsetting end-of-winter attire that are sure to jazz up your wardrobe and turn a few heads in the process.

Maxi Dresses Go With The Flow

The maxi dress is a stylish, casual garment with a free-flowing aesthetic that you'll want to ear again and again.  It's a garment perfect for a low-key outing or if you just need something to quickly stand out when you're on-the-go.  This is a great dress to wear in a neutral, off-white tone or a muted warm peach.  Pair it with a cute sandal or moccasin to showcase your freespirited nature.  To add a touch of intrigue, pick an off-shoulder dress and flair it up with a pair of chic shades that turn sensible into sharp.

Lace Gowns And Dresses Convey Sophistication

So you need to go to a gala event and you're not sure what to wear.  We've all been there.  A long sleeve lace evening dress conveys a sense of elegant restraint with an evergreen, always in appeal look that's perfectly suited to any body type this Spring, while a short lace conveys more of an effortless pared-back-yet-trendy touch.  Slay it in a regal royal purple or pull it back with a tasteful navy-blue, then match it all up with a small handbag or T-strap sandal to complete the look.  Be seen!

V-Neck Dresses Add A Touch Of Sexy

The V-Neck dress is going to be everywhere that's anywhere this spring, and why wouldn't it?  It has a timeless, cultured appeal with beautiful ruffled sleeves or an exposed shoulder hinting at just the barest touch of sensuality.  Change it up with a sleeveless sequin bodycon to keep it classy.  The V-Neck is a look that can be worn in a neutral black or grey or can grab the attention with a splash of any bright color, such as cherry red.  Complement it with a gold bracelet and matching heel for date night or break up the look with a straw hat for a more casual event.  Get it, girl!

Make That Prom Unforgettable

Need something pristinely perfect for your prom night?  An evening gown with spaghetti strapsshows off your playful side, while a long sleeved shiny prom dress is a sharply fashionable tailored garment that screams voguish appeal while still whispering an air of mysterious subtlety.  Rock this piece in light blue or soft green for a neutral tone that conveys tranquility, or in a bright, cheerful yellow that's perfect for the coming warmer weather, and pull it all together it with a matching heel and designer bag from any online wholesaler.

You Can't Go Wrong With An Evening Gown

Keep the vibe romantic with a gorgeous evening gown with billowy ruffle sleeves that will keep the eyes looking your way.  Any color works for this kind of fabric, depending on the tone you want to strike.  Black will convey brooding, cultivated refinement, while white will exude an airy, whimsical feeling.  Any color you choose will suit the mood, because in an outfit like this, you are the mood!  The beauty of the evening gown is that it can be accessorized with almost any accoutrement with minimal effort, and requires only a light flourish, such as a necklace or a thin bracelet to establish a statuesque and cosmopolitan appeal that'll make sure that your look is always on-trend, all the time.

Channel Your Inner Mermaid

Fishtail with a sequined print is a strikingly beautiful way to make a statement anywhere you go, and a must-have if you need to be equally at home looking dreamy on the street or at a luxurious event where you're expected to wear something dressier. We're here for it either way.  This piece is all about insinuating movement and flow.  Rock it in calming neutral tones, or if you're really feeling yourself, try it in a fierce, punchy red, and complete the look with a contrasting black accessory and sandal.

It's Party Time!

Let's get this blowout started with a stunning gradient dress and show them what a party girl you are!  The gradient dress displays a beautiful transition between contrasting colors and neutrals, and pairs well with nearly any accessory.  To add some pizzazz, just check a wholesaler for exactly the right piece of frill that you're looking for to set the whole look off.  This dress is equally suited for a low-key event or a large banquet gathering, and is sure to grab some attention wherever you go.

Any Time Is A Good Time For The Midi

A midi dress is a modern garment with a hint of vintage appeal, versatile and well-suited to a lean body type or apple shape alike.  Ruffled sleeves will communicate a chic sense of couture, while a sleeveless variant coyishly exposes just a bit so you can really feel the wind on your skin in this beautiful weather.  Indulge yourself and adorn with a pair of round shades or stylish cap and couple it all with a neutral sandal or heel.

Express Yourself

No matter what look you're hoping to sport, you can't go wrong checking wholesalers for affordable, trend-savvy evening gowns and dresses to make sure you're looking your best in time for the Spring season. Check the new arrivals section at to find stunning Ever-Pretty gowns and dresses, and at 25% off, they won't break the bank.  Be your best self this season, and spruce up your wardrobe with new looks that will consistently amaze and keep the gaze right where it belongs... on you!

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