Our Factory Has Resumed Normal Production – Safe And Efficient

March 05, 2020 2 min read

Our Factory Has Resumed Normal Production – Safe And Efficient

The unfortunate outcome of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) has caused a lot of problems to many established businesses and startups in affected regions and the impacts have been felt in other countries around the world. Also, the supply chain of most companies has been hit hard due to personnel shortage and in worse cases grounded to a halt.

Of course, developing a cogent supply chain in response to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak is extremely challenging, given the scale and the circumstances of the crisis as well as the rate at which it is evolving.

However, as new cases of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) infection slowdown in China, the country is gradually getting back to work. And we have done just that.
Our factory has resumed normal production and put in place several safety measures to prevent contamination. In other words, E4wholesale has taken several precautions to ensure customers receive safe goods.

Some of these measures include:

Disinfecting and securing not only our production and distribution facilities but also ensuring that our employees are healthy as well as safeguarding our products.

Protective gears like surgical masks, protective suits, safety goggles, and disinfectants, are provided to employees.

At E4wholesale:
• We clean and disinfect our warehouse everyday
• Ensure all packaging materials are compatible with the sterilization process
• We sterilize every single package before shipment to make sure they arrive safely and on time.

Our operation is ongoing and we can support pre-orders. So, customers can order in advance.

In addition, channels for urgent order processing have been opened, we can expedite production of urgent orders placed by any customer.

Despite the abruptions, we are working hard to meet our current economic goals. So, with all the precautions taken including the measures put in place to safeguard both workers and packages, we will be able to meet up with supply and even have spring season sale on prom dresses & new arrivals will get 28% off, big discounts for all customers from the 9th - 16th of March

In reference to a top-level political meeting earlier in February, the Chinese president Xi Jinping called for an all-out "people's war" against the deadly Coronavirus (Covid-19) and in the same meeting, he also urged officials to continue to "reach goals and tasks of economic and social development this year."

With preventive measures put in place and joint efforts, we believe that we can overcome this Coronavirus issue sooner than expected.

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